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Health Benefits of Regular Flossing


One of the most common questions patients asked by dentists is whether or not they floss on a daily basis. Often, many patients admit to not flossing as they should. Dental professionals advise people to floss every day along with regular brushing. Flossing the teeth provides a wealth of benefits, some of which include the following.

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6 Advantages of Root Canal Therapy


Those who are unfamiliar with root canal therapy may be a little uneasy when they receive the news that the procedure is recommended. But you don't need to be weary; a root canal is an excellent way to preserve a tooth. During root canal therapy, the dentist simply removes the pulp from within the tooth, cleans out the chamber to remove any bacteria that may be lurking there, and then replaces the pulp with a filling.

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3 Ways Dental Cleanings Can Benefit Your Gums


You might have heard that regular dental visits and professional cleanings can help prevent cavities. However, did you know that these preventive visits can also help prevent or minimize gum disease? Although not as dramatic as a toothache in its early stages, gum disease (also called gingivitis or, in later stages, periodontal disease) is a very common dental health problem.

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