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6 Advantages of Root Canal Therapy

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Those who are unfamiliar with root canal therapy may be a little uneasy when they receive the news that the procedure is recommended. But you don't need to be weary; a root canal is an excellent way to preserve a tooth. During root canal therapy, the dentist simply removes the pulp from within the tooth, cleans out the chamber to remove any bacteria that may be lurking there, and then replaces the pulp with a filling.
Below is a list of six advantages associated with this procedure that will put your mind at ease.
1. It Saves Money
Root canals are performed on diseased and damaged teeth, and the only alternative to this therapy is tooth extraction. Once a tooth is removed, most individuals opt to order a bridge or implant to fill the space where the tooth once was so that their smile is not affected. Those additional costs quickly add up, making a root canal the better option.
When comparing the costs, root canal therapy clearly costs less in the long run.
2. You Keep Your Natural Smile
If keeping your natural appearance is important to you, a root canal is the way to go. While implants have come a long way in recent years, there really is no substitute for your real teeth. In some cases, individuals who have root canal therapy will need a crown, but the crown will be made to match your tooth. The crown will also provide the natural and visually appealing smile you're looking to keep.
3. It's Virtually Pain-Free
With an extraction you'll likely have discomfort for several days after the procedure. Root canals, on the other hand, have become virtually pain-free. Patients are numbed with anesthesia or are given sedation so that they don't feel the procedure at all. Afterward, nothing more than a dull ache is expected, and that should only last a day or two.
Of course, most patients are getting the root canal because their tooth is either damaged or diseased and causing them pain. Once the root canal therapy is complete and the bad pulp is removed, the tooth will also no longer ache.
4. You Can Still Enjoy Efficient Chewing
When you have your root canal therapy done, you'll still have the same use of your normal tooth. This means you'll benefit by enjoying efficient chewing with the biting force that you've always had. Having the tooth extracted reduces this advantage, even when the tooth is replaced with a bridge or an implant.
5. It Prevents Jawbone Degeneration
Removing a tooth instead of going ahead with a root canal can lead to jawbone degeneration and a host of other consequences. In fact, missing teeth can lead to bite collapse, a change in bone density and form, and a loss of self-confidence. Opting for the root canal will allow the natural tooth to remain in place and continue to stimulate the bone as it was designed to do.
6. It Has a High Success Rate
Another benefit of root canal therapy is its high success rate that limits the need for ongoing dental work, especially when the root canal is scheduled promptly and the patient doesn't put off the procedure. Patients will be happy to discover that many root canals can be completed in just one day, while more severe cases may require up to three visits. Fewer trips to the dentist means more time for work and play.
If you suspect that your tooth may be damaged or diseased and in need of a root canal, contact Posada Dental to discuss the procedure or to make an appointment for a consultation.


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