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Professional Endodontics in Palmdale

What is Endodontics?

Endodontics is the care of soft tissues within your teeth. All dentists have an understanding of endodontics, but not all dental practices specialize in soft tissue diagnoses and treatments.

Because the soft tissues within your teeth are difficult to access and analyze, dentists who focus on endodontics are specially trained and licensed.


When is Endodontic Care Needed

Tissue decay, inflamed pulp matter and ligaments, damaged teeth, distressed nerves, disease and infected injuries all require the specialized care of an endodontist. Often, pain and toothaches cannot be located with precision by a general practice dentist. Endodontists are specially trained to handle difficult-to-determine cases where sensitive, in-depth investigation is essential and customized treatments applied.

Get to the Source of Your Discomfort

Because your oral cavity contains a vast matrix of nerves, pain from one source can be felt in a general area including your mouth, head, neck and even ears. It’s vital to determine and treat the correct cause of pain.

Once the source of aching is identified, a process often called “root canal” is performed to access damaged tooth tissues and remove the infection and dead pulp matter. The cavity is filled with sterile bio-matter which aids the healing process and discourages the reemergence of infectious germs. Afterwards, the access tunnel is then sealed.

Get Help Now

Pain from soft tissue damage only gets worse over time, and the likelihood of successful treatment decreases. It is, therefore, important to address the issue as quickly as possible.

Our team of highly-experienced dentists is here to help you review your choices and make the best decisions for your specific circumstances. You have options, and it always feels good to have a trustworthy second opinion.

You do not have to live with relentless mouth pain. Let us assist you in making lifestyle improvements that you will appreciate every day for the rest of your life.